Terms & Conditions

The USPS is an equal opportunity employer and bases its hiring decisions on a job seeker’s performance during the postal hiring process.

US Job Services provides guidance, coaching and live assistance to postal job candidates to help them perform better in each of the steps.

Neither the USPS nor US Job Services can guarantee the employment of any candidate, or the availability of any specific job, in any area, at any given time. US Job Services is not affiliated with the USPS.

US Job Services helps candidates perform better in each of the steps so they are more likely to get hired by the USPS.

Historically, over 90% of candidates who register for our support program and take the postal assessment report to us that they pass it the first time.

To register, a refundable deposit is required. This program is guaranteed. There are two conditions upon which refunds are provided.

1. Registration fees are refunded if the candidate fails all four virtual assessments given for entry-level positions.

2. Registration fees are refunded if the candidate is not offered a job within 30 days after the interview process.

Our program of guidance, coaching and live assistance is designed to help candidates get hired and start their postal careers in the shortest amount of time.

For more details, refer to the Refund Policy at this site.

When you secure your registration deposit with your debit or credit card, you are agreeing that you understand these Terms and Conditions and our Guaranteed Refund Policy.

We utilize the latest in fraud prevention and security technology including 3DS with Visa and MasterCard Associations, which disallow clients from simply disputing a transaction with their bank or card issuer, and fosters a more interactive and cooperative approach for problem resolution between clients and our live support agents.

If you have any questions or concerns, live agents available by email or chat to assist you 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.

postal-guide is an independent job placement service, with a guaranteed and proven expertise in helping entry level candidates success in postal hiring process.

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